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Here you may file a Certificate of Amendment for any entity type in any state.


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Biz Pro Filings can accelerate the filing of a Certificate of Amendment or Restated Articles of Incorporation (including a change of corporate name) with the Secretary of State. Put our knowledge to work for you.

  1.  Choose the state and type of amendment Please consult your attorney or call the Secretary of State if you are unclear which paperwork to create, since we cannot legally advise you. Prior to submission, we will not be able to legally evaluate your document. Resubmitting a rejected document will result in extra state and service costs.
  2.  Complete your changes and send your papers to us. 
  3. How quickly do you require your paperwork to be filed?

Your paperwork is on its way. The state will deliver a filed stamped copy of your document after it has been filed. We’ll send you an email with a copy of the filed document and the certified copy via normal mail.

Any of the following can be done with amendments::

  • Your company’s name should be changed. 
  • Change the quantity and kind of shares that are allowed. 
  • Change your company’s business objective. 
  • Any additional information on your initial formation documents should be changed. 
  • Change the officials, directors, and/or members stated in your organization’s founding documents. 
  • NOTE: If the officers, directors, or shareholders change, an amendment may not be required; merely filing an early “Annual Report” may suffice.

We do not guarantee that your paper will be accepted for filing. We can’t promise that your submission will be accepted. We won’t be able to check your paper for legal mistakes. If your paperwork is refused, the Secretary of State will keep your money and ask for more when you resubmit it.

Corporation and LLC Amendment Filing Tips


  • Sign and date the paper with the signatures of the President and Secretary. Take care to enter their names and titles beneath their signatures. If a person occupies the positions of President and Secretary, both titles must be put beneath their name. Unless the modification is filed by an Incorporator, the certificate must be signed by two officials. 
  • The President and Secretary on the Certificate of Amendment must be the same as the President and Secretary on the corporation’s current Statement of Information.
  • Unless the company is less than 90 days old and a Statement of Information has never been filed, do not include any reference of the agent for service of process in a corporate Amendment and Restated Articles of Incorporation. 
  • Be careful to enter the corporation’s current name precisely as it appears on the Articles of Incorporation or prior name change Amendment when referencing it. Do not omit punctuation or shorten.


  • Keep in mind that you’re changing an article from the company’s initial Articles of Incorporation. As a result, you won’t be able to change information that wasn’t initially submitted. If there are a lot of changes, you should completely rewrite the Articles of Incorporation (minus the agent for service of process if the corporation is over 90 days old). The California Corporations Code lays out the requirements. 
  • With the original Articles of Incorporation or Restated Articles of Incorporation, prepare the Certificate of Amendment. Use “Article One” or “Articles First” instead of “Article One” or “Articles First” if articles are referred with roman numbers such as I., II., III…etc. If you don’t follow the rules, your paper will be rejected. The statement must be included in the Certificate of Amendment, which must be confirmed, “We further declare under penalty of perjury under the laws of the State of California that the matters set forth in this certificate are true and correct of our own knowledge”.
  • The Amendment Certificate must be typed. 
  • Please read all of the guidelines in the Certificate of Amendment Filing Packet for further information on amendment filings.

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