$1399 for any state’s dissolution

Dissolve any Legal Entity in Any State – $1399



With prices starting at $1399,

Follow the processes outlined below to dissolve or cancel any existing entity, whether it be a corporation or a limited liability company. It’s simple with Biz Pro Filings. Allow us to be your point of contact with the Secretary of State.

  1.  Check to see if the entity is in good standing. If you are unsure, we can assist you. 
  2. Tax Clearance is required in the following states: If your business is registered in one of the following states, you’ll need to get a tax clearance: Connecticut, Illinois, Kansas, Louisiana, Michigan, Missouri, Montana, New Mexico, New York, Ohio, Rhode Island, Tennessee, Texas, Washington, and West Virginia are among the states that make up the United States. 
  3. Get the dissolution form from the state’s website and fill it out. 
  4. Upload the form(s) to Biz Pro Filings to expedite the filing process

Filing Options for Dissolution or Cancellation

Check your company’s status — If your company isn’t in good standing, the state may deny your application. A suspended corporation cannot be dissolved until it is resurrected. If the Annual Report is out of date, you must file a new one. We can help you file a current Statement of Information if you require it. 

We recommend contacting the Secretary of State directly for information on how to prepare a dissolution form. We’re sorry, but we can’t help or answer questions regarding filling out the form since it might be interpreted as legal advice. 

Biz Pro Filings is unable to provide particular or hypothetical tax advice for your corporation or limited liability business.

What are the advantages of having Biz Pro Filings file my paperwork rather than sending them to the state myself??


The paperwork can be handled in a week or two if the documents are presented in person, depending on the state. If your document is denied for any reason, you will be contacted immediately and will have the opportunity to revise the document and resubmit it as soon as possible to avoid your dissolution date. It might take 8-10 weeks for your paperwork to be processed if you mail it in. You may not find out if it was denied until 2-3 months after you sent it to the Secretary of State for processing. If your paperwork is denied after the New Year, you will be required to pay an additional minimum tax payment, if applicable in your state. In California, for example, the minimum Franchise Tax is $800.



An election to dissolve a domestic stock corporation is the first step toward its voluntary dissolution. The decision to dissolve the corporation can be made by a majority of the incorporators if no directors were named in the original Articles of Incorporation and none have been elected, or by a vote or written consent of at least fifty percent of the outstanding shares of the corporation, by the board of directors if no shares have been issued, or in limited circumstances, by a majority of the incorporators if no directors were named in the original Articles of Incorporation and none have been elected. Following this election, the company must legally dissolve the corporation by filing documentation with the Secretary of State. The company will be totally dissolved and its corporate life will end after the Secretary of State files the Certificate of Dissolution or Short Form Certificate of Dissolution.