Process Serving, Annual Reports, Tax Notices, and Other Documents

Services and Requirements for Registered Agents Across the United States


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Multiple states and entities qualify for volume discounts. Registered Agent Services are available in all 50 states through Biz Pro Filings. A Registered Agent other than the home office or location of the business is required in most states. On behalf of incorporated corporations, the Registered Agent is responsible for key legal and tax papers such as:

  • Process server service 
  • Annual reports and declarations, as well as other important state mail 
  • Tax notifications, whether annual or not

You also get safe access to your company information, specialized reporting tools, and service of process history with Biz Pro Filings. With your personal User Name and Password, accessing our private network is simple and safe. More tools and resources are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, from any place. Contact us today to Find out how we can help you with your registered agent and corporate service requirements. Call 850-254-1240 to speak with one of our customer service specialists. 

The registered agent must have a physical address in the state of incorporation or qualification (not a post office box) and be available during normal business hours at that address.

The stakes might be quite high.

The first document that can start a lawsuit is the Service of Process. If your organization fails to react, you risk a default judgment, which might result in a court awarding full damages. Any Service of Process served on us as your agent is notified to you through email. It’s available online, and you can quickly send it to your legal counsel.

What does a Registered Agent do?

A Registered Agent takes service of process on behalf of a corporation and promptly transmits it to the corporation or if desired, the corporation’s attorney. Furthermore, the Registered Agent will convey communications from the state filing agency, state tax agency, and the Internal Revenue Service to your firm immediately.

Why would the firm ever be served with a process??

 In case a company is sued, the plaintiff’s attorney (in civil cases) or the court (in other legal proceedings) will have a Process Server serve notice of the lawsuit on the firm’s Registered Agent. A business may also get legal letters about its employees, such as child support claims, wage disclosures, or salary garnishment.

I was under the impression that the corporation/LLC/LP was a different legal entity. Why is it necessary to have a Registered Agent?

However a corporation/LLC/LP is a separate legal body, it is unable to answer the door and physically take the court document. As a result, state filing agencies require corporations to select a Registered Agent to accept service of process on their behalf.

Registered Agent Services from Biz Pro Filings Have Many Benefits


As part of our registered agent service, we’ll give you the resources you need to rapidly transmit service of process, as well as international qualification, yearly reporting, and tax information for each state. We can also send you automated emails to remind you of upcoming filing deadlines.

  • Experience- Our network and affiliate network of offices include some of the industry’s most experienced personnel…
  • Corporate Tools – Online forms and instructions for all sorts of entities in all states are available through Corporate Tools.
  • Prompt of Document handling—We handle critical state, tax, and legal papers that we receive on your company’s behalf in a timely and effective manner. 
  • Professional Service of Process delivery-For secure delivery, we’ll scan and transmit Service of Process papers to you as soon as possible. 
  • Support staff – Our Account Managers are available to help you by phone, email, or internet tools. Our friendly team will gladly answer any questions you might have concerning compliance, your account, or making an order with us. 

24/7 online access-Online access is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to check order progress and read Service of Process papers.

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